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Hammock World Outdoor Hammocks
All-Weather 5-year Guarantee

Hammock World offers a 5 year outdoor guarantee on materials and workmanship and will repair or replace at our expense any ‘All Weather’ hammock product which does not meet our high quality standard. 

Please choose your hammock product wisely, as we are not able to refund if a customer changes their mind after the product has been purchased. In this instance we are only able to offer credit for an exchange and the customer will be liable for all freight costs.

All Hammock World hammocks & accessory products are individually inspected and must pass our strict quality control before being dispatched. Our ‘All Weather’ labelled products are designed for outdoor use and are fully weather-proofed against mildew, rot and rust.  

Return Policy

Customers whos’ product has a genuine defect of material or less than acceptable quality of workmanship will be fully credited for all freight costs. Please note that if a product is used inappropriately - damaged, misused, abused or worn due to negligence or neglect, the damage will not be covered by our guarantee and the customer will be responsible for all repair and freight costs.


Our Guarantee does not cover mechanical abrasion to hammock cords resulting from consumer negligence, damage from pets, or inappropriate use by adults or children.

When leaving a netting hammock outside, caution must be exercised, as unexpected winds can result in cord damage from mechanical abrasion against walls, poles, trees, plants etc.  When treated with the appropriate care all Hammock World products will provide many years of pleasurable service.

When exiting from a netting hammock attention must be given to clothing fasteners - buttons, buckles, Velcro etc which can catch on hammock cords and pull the hammock netting out of shape.  When exiting from the Reclining Hammock, the optional Comfort Cushion will prevent this from happening and also maintain your hammocks' good looks. 


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