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Hammock World Customer Service
Best Practice Ethics and Integrity

Your Satisfaction is our Peace of Mind


We offer free delivery Australia wide.

You do not need a account to order. Simply enter your or details on the order page and will send you an auto-reply acknowledging your order and payment.

Orders are processed within 2 business days and are dispatched via for delivery within 3-5 business days depending on destination.


Safeguarding your financial and personal information is one of Hammock Worlds' most important priorities. Paypal offers safe online ordering with automated encrypted coding to scramble all your personal information. Your valuable details are protected by (SSL) coding with an encryption key length of 128 bits, which is the highest level of coding protection commercially available and this information is then stored on heavily guarded servers. To further shield your credit card and bank numbers, PayPal does not directly connect their firewall-protected servers to the internet. Hammock World has confidence in the technology used by PayPal to ensure the security of your valuable information. Hammock World is a 'PayPal Verified Member'.

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Privacy Policy

All personal information supplied will remain the property of Hammock World and will not be supplied to another party. Emails are sent to customer / site visitors who register their interest with us to receive product information. All automated emails contain a link which can be used to unsubscribe from our data base.


We commit to meet our obligations under the Australian Consumer Law.

Please choose wisely, as we are not able to refund if a customer changes their mind after the product has been purchased. In this instance we are only able to offer credit for an exchange and the customer will be liable for all freight costs.

All Hammock World products are individually inspected and must pass our strict quality control before being dispatched. Our ‘All Weather’ labelled products are designed for outdoor use and are fully weather-proofed against mildew, rot and rust.  

Hammock World offers a 5 year outdoor guarantee on materials and workmanship and will repair or replace at our expense any ‘All Weather’ product which does not meet our high quality standard. 

Customers whos’ product has a genuine defect of material or less than acceptable quality of workmanship will be fully credited for all freight costs. Please note that if a product is used inappropriately - damaged, misused, abused or worn due to negligence or neglect, the damage will not be covered by our guarantee and the customer will be responsible for all repair and freight costs. Hammock Care.


Links to other websites are provided for convenience only. Hammock World is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of websites we link to.

Legal Info

All products offered for sale by Hammock World have been prepared in accordance with New Zealand laws. As a customer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the product you intend purchasing is accepted by the laws of your country, before you purchase.

All Hammock World products are governed by New Zealand laws and any dispute relating to any Hammock World product shall be referred to the New Zealand courts.


Hammock World is a compassionate business. We put Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability at the very top of our Business Priority. We are also passionate about the 'dynamic' qualities and 'therapeutic' benefits our hammocks have to offer everybody, regardless of size or shape.

We make every effort to source the best materials available for the manufacture of our 'All Weather' labelled products. Our Commitment is to produce excellence - the highest quality outdoor hammock furniture available. We welcome all your comments, compliments and complaints, especially those which relate to product improvement.

Happy Hammocking from the Team at Hammock World.


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