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Luxurious Hammock Bolster Cushions
Include 5-year All-Weather Guarantee
Designed for Outdoor Living

Free Delivery Australia Wide
Double Hammock Bolsters Guaranteed Fade Proof
The Double Hammock Bolster Cushion is covered with superyacht quality soft Sunbrella® fabric designed for outdoor living and includes a 5-year All-Weather Guarantee. Sunbrella® fabric resists mildew, rot, chlorine and stains - poolside colours stay bright and vibrant from many years exposure to sun, salt and rain.

The Bolster has a pillow-soft polyester fill which does not absorb water and will not mildew or rot. The Cushion has been designed for Australian climatic conditions.
Increase your hammocks' good looks and luxurious comfort with one or more Bolster Cushions.
Bolster ties are included for easy attachment.
Durability Rating:
Comfort Rating:
Portable Rating:

How to Clean
Red Wine Stains
Available in six Sunbrella colours Click colours to enlarge
Forrest Hammock Colour
navy Hammock Colour
Charcoal hammock Clour
Tauope Hammock Colour
Sea Breeze Hammock Colour

  Stripes repeat every 23 cms
Disclaimer: We have made every effort to provide fabric images that closely represent the fabric colors. However, due to all the possible variants - light source, monitor quality, etc. - we cannot guarantee that the fabric images accurately represent the true fabric colors. Please take this into consideration when attempting to color match materials.
Bolster Cushion Dimensions:
(900 mm)
(250 mm)
Free Delivery Australia Wide with Express Australia Post
Orders processed within 2 Business Days.
Delivery 3-5 Business Days depending on destination.
Packed Dimensions 350x300x250 Weight 1.5kilo
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Hamock Comfort Cushion

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